Sport & Performance

  • Fort Collins Sport PsychologistDo you struggle with “choking” during competition?
  • Are you having trouble with motivation and focus?
  • Do you become negative and full of self-doubt when you fail or perform poorly?
  • Do you worry about how you will perform when the “game is on the line”?
  • Does your anxiety or negative thinking cause you to not achieve your potential?
  • Does your “self-talk” turn negative during games or practice no matter how many times your coach tells you to “stay positive?”

All athletes and performers can answer YES to many of the above questions throughout their careers.  The difference between success and failure at higher levels of sport and competition often has less to do with one’s physical abilities and more to do developing one’s mental skills and strengths.  If you want to go from good to great this is an area where most all athletes can show measurable gains in relatively short periods of time. For recreational to highly competitive athletes and performance artists, sport and performance psychology can not only enhance performance, but help facilitate personal growth and development.


“Typical” sport psychology clients include:

  • Student athletes who want to succeed in school and in sports.
  • Parents who want to be a positive support system for their athletes and not become the pushy sports parent that kids and coaches don’t want to be around.
  • Coaches, who must learn how to be a motivator, a psychologist and a good listener at the same time.
  • Professionals, who want to reach the pinnacle of their chosen sport, to perform to their potential and learn how to balance their career and personal life together.