Therapy & Counseling

Therapy / Counseling

I offer initial consultation and ongoing therapeutic services to help you identify and develop more effective ways to deal with problems you may be experiencing in your life.  Research indicates that for many individuals with problems such as anxiety and depression, therapy can be equal to or more effective than medication.  Therapy also builds good coping skills for dealing with life that prevents symptoms from returning which is not the case for medication approaches alone.

Therapy improves coping skills, targets “problem behaviors,” and focuses on positive changes that can be made to achieve healthy living. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) examines the way we think about problems and solutions, and how we act in the world. Generally, small changes can lead to significant improvements.

Psychological Assessment

I currently offer comprehensive psychological/behavioral assessments & evaluations for children, teenagers and adults. If you feel that you or your child may be struggling with a Learning Disorder, attention disorder (ADD/ADHD), or an autism spectrum disorder, please contact me to determine if an assessment could be helpful.